Nature is my greatest inspiration. It describes the bones of any garden and the clothes to dress them. I create designs that evolve and grow over time, changing character and becoming richer and more complex. I use plants native to the location that I am working in as a foundation for most designs, but add and substitute selected varieties and choice exotics that will improve the garden without detracting from the overall aesthetic and sense of place. I feel this approach is best described as creating an ‘enhanced natural landscape’, enriching the garden for human senses as well as for the myriad living organisms within it. I work collaboratively with clients to create landscapes that feel timeless and natural. Sculptural, subtle and rich in texture.

Planting that works

Too much design is carried out in an urban studio far from the garden in question. My designs are rooted in the landscape, climate, history and structure of the place. I passionately believe that plants should be used that will work, not just aesthetically but more broadly, connecting and feeding back in to the wider landscape and environment. Healthy plants are the foundation of beautiful, healthy gardens. These require in turn fewer interventions in terms of chemical treatments, replacements or maintenance. I believe in creating resilient gardens that behave like natural landscapes and can accept fluctuations in temperature and rainfall with grace.


Tom was invited to produce a planting plan for our walled garden restoration project. He followed the brief and delivered a design that we are delighted with. Tom has a wealth of knowledge and combined with his practical experience he has produced a planting scheme that is fresh and exciting. The plants that he has included are really special, and are helping to make this garden feel completely unique. His deep understanding of a plants growing conditions and needs has given me confidence that we are really are putting the right plants in the right place. With our changing climate in the forefront of his mind and a his up-to-date knowledge of planting trends, Tom has helped us create a garden that will look as good in twenty years as it does today. I am certain that as we continue to develop the gardens on the estate we will return to Tom for his expertise. He has a calm and amiable manner and is able to convey his ideas and knowledge in a way that feels accessible to all.
Rob, Head Gardener (private Somerset Estate).

Tom taught me how to garden in my own garden a day a week for about 3 years. He took me on as a complete novice and through practical experience and masses of homework, I learnt plant identification (in botanical language!) seed growing, propagating, pruning, making compost, vegetable garden planning and rotating. Designing herbaceous borders and how to maintain them and bog planting in our squelchy ground my the stream. I treasured my lessons and come back to Tom often with questions. I am thrilled that he runs a nursery. Tom is an expert plantsman – there’s never ever a need to go elsewhere now.
Kate, Somerset

Tom has come up with a great design for our period renovation house in Langport, which we are very happy with. We had quite rigorous planning restraints on what we could do and Tom worked within these to come up with a design that was both attractive and sensitive to the location.
Charlotte, Somerset

Tom continues to encourage, advise and inspire me to plan and create a beautiful, biodiverse, natural forest garden. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, practical to suit available time and budget, but also such a lovely guy. If you care about the planet and want to create something with all-round natural beauty, then you need Tom on your project.
Helen, Somerset


I am keen to work with people to help them create the gardens they long for. This could mean working on a short term basis such as offering a consultancy visit and a simple overview design or undertaking a full garden development from inception to delivery.  I offer in depth tuition in practical skills such as pruning or propagation and ongoing coaching to help people build the skills they need.

Part of my overall approach is to engage people with the design as it takes place, working closely with you to make sure you feel comfortable, enthused and in ownership of the creative process. Naturally, if you would rather I simply delivered a design, I am happy to do this too!

I will work with what exists and or create from new but I particularly enjoy retaining strong existing features and weaving new plantings around them.

I also offer a selection of plants for sale which can be found on the ‘biocentric plants’ tab at the top of this page.


Sometimes the best way forward is to talk things though. This might take the form of a couple of hours walking and talking in your garden, a more detailed visit with skills coaching and a maintenance plan or ongoing advice and practical tuition for a longer period. Anything can be achieved and this is often a good way to deepen your involvement in your garden without taking on a larger project.


Good design is crucial to the success of a garden. From a new border to an open field, I can help you create a garden that works for you and fits seamlessly in the place given. Delivery can take various forms, from broad stroke concepts and plant list, to more detailed scale drawings and masterplans.


Moving from thoughts and paper to soil and plants can sometimes be a daunting step. There are infinite variables to creating a successful garden and getting the right result depends on preparation, experience, timing (and a little bit of luck!). I can help to bring your garden from inception to reality from sourcing plants, materials and contractors to project managing the broader process.


I am based near Wiveliscombe, Somerset and work throughout the South-west region. For further information please contact:
Email: tom (at)
Phone: 07909603031