Plants that are beautiful, tough, useful or just particularly interesting. Often all of the above!

The plants we sell look stunning and are usually close to wild forms which work perfectly in naturalistic garden schemes or any garden made with nature and sustainability in mind.  We do not grow double flowers, overdeveloped bedding or anything that doesn’t increase the value of your garden for wildlife, whether in terms of nectar, forage or habitat.

Many of these plants are robust, drought tolerant and competitive making them ideal choices for a changing world. We try to include as many native (including selected forms of native species) or near native plants (ie plants from areas in geographical proximity to northern europe or closely related plants of the same genus) in our selection as possible.

Everything we sell has been tested and chosen because it grows well with a minimum of fuss. Generally these plants will not need feeding or water beyond establishment and will go on performing for many years to come.

All plants are propagated on site and are slow grown without use of chemicals, excessive fertiliser, or much protection from the elements. All plants will be sold ready for planting. We will not supply anything that we wouldn’t be happy to plant in our own garden.

We use our own mixes of potting compost based on wood fibre based peat free products and amended to suit plant requirements.

We aim to minimise our use of plastics in growing and packaging.

Information & Contact

Our nursery is open by appointment only at present.

We are able to delivery locally for orders over £50.

Email: biocentricplants (at)
Phone: 01984667784 or 07909603031